A la carte

Fernando-style Russian salad  18€

Iberian Ham 35€

“Txistorra” (pork basque sausage) croquettes 20€

Scallop Pie with Kimtxi Mayonnaise 21€

Cod fritters 25€

Foie-gras with carrot jam  26€

Cod filled doughnut  25€

Lamb sweetbreads with truffled mashed potatoes 28€

Scallops and smoked bacon broth  32€

Tuna belly salad and cream of mushrooms   22€

Lekeitio´s Fish Soup  19€

Rice with mushrooms and partdridge  22€

Rice with braised octopus 25,30€

Poached egg with red peppers and cod  24,20€

Chickpeas with jumbo red prawns  28,60€

Poulard canelloni with foie 26,40€

Squid on its own ink cannelloni  26,40€

Fernando style deep fried Hake  31€

Chargrilled cod and its own “pil pil” sauce  31€

Oven cooked Sea Bass  32€

Red mullet tempura 33€

Chargrilled Veal Rib eye  28€

Stewed ox cheeks  32€

Roasted lamb ingot 33€

Sirloin veal and truffle sauce  34€

Passion fruit gratin  9€

Hot chocolate and Tonka bean Biscuit  9€

Chocolate sponge cake and ice cream  9€

French Toast 9€

Chocolate volcano 9€

White wines

D.O. Rioja - Azpilicueta (Malvasia)  12€
D.O. Rueda - Marqués de Riscal (Verdejo)   18,50€
D.O. Rueda - Basa (Verdejo) 19,50€
D.O Rueda - Belondrade y Lurton (Verdejo)   50€
D.O. Rias Baixas - Zarate (Albariño)   24€
D.O. Rias Baixas - Terras Gauda (Albariño)   26,50€
D.O. Rias Baixas - La Casa de las Locas (Albariño)   29,50€
D.O. Bierzo - Godelia (Godello)   28€
D.O. Valdeorras - Louro (Godello/Treixadura)  30€
D.O. Bizkaiko - Txakolina Itxasmendi (Hondarrabi Zuri)   20€
D.O. Getariako Txakolina - K Pilota (Hondarrabi Zuri)  21€

Red wines

D.O Ribera de Duero - Resalso (Tinta del país)   20€
D.O Ribera de Duero - Malleolus (Tinta del país - Merlot)   50,50€
D.O Ribera de Duero - Pago de Carraovejas (Tinto fino)   50,50€
D.O Rioja - Azpilicueta (Tempranillo)   18€
D.O Rioja - Sierra Cantabria (Tempranillo)   20€
D.O Rioja - Pierola (Tempranillo)   21€
D.O Rioja - Luis Cañas (Tempranillo)   21€
D.O Rioja - Ramón Bilbao Edición limitada (Tempranillo)   29€
D.O Rioja - Marqués de Murrieta (Tempranillo)   33,50€
D.O Rioja - Remelluri (Tempranillo)   35,50€
D.O Rioja - Predicador (Tempranillo, Garnacha)   42€
D.O Rioja - El Puntido (Tempranillo)   60€
D.O. Somontano - Enate (Tempranillo-Cabernet sauvignon)  22€
D.O Tierra de Extremadura - Habla del Silencio (Syrah, Cabernet y Tempranillo)   23€
D.O. Priorat - Camins de Priorat (Cariñena-Garnacha)  34€

Pink wines

Azpilicueta (Tempranillo)   12€
Gran feudo (Tempranillo)  14,50€

Cavas and Champagnes

Castell de Ordall Brut   18€
Juve Camps Brut Cinta Purpura  25€
Gramona Imperial Gran Reserva  36,50€
MUMM  66€
Taittinger Rosé  78,50€
Taittinger Brut  79€

VAT included

Discover our menus

“Txistorra” (pork basque sausage) croquettes

Home-made croquettes. We use olive oil instead of butter with a 120gr roux to make sure we make them really creamy

Seafood chickpea

Scarlet shrimp, fish of the day and prawns. We use American sauce, green sauce, Biscayne sauce and the local Bilbaine sauce and we boil it during 30 minutes.

Poached Egg with Cod Slices

Egg, red pepper, cod and “pil pil” sauce. We cook the egg for just 5 minutes to get a very creamy yolk.

Fernando Canales style deep fried Hake

Hake and red pepper. We roast the red pepper for 50 minutes and peel it, stir-fry with garlic, salt and sugar for 30 minutes. We use a big size Hake to get a very soft meat.

Stewed ox cheeks

Stewed meat during 12 hours at 60 degrees in sous-vid. Afterwards, we reduce the broth leaving the vegetables whole.

Dessert: Chocolate sponge cake and ice cream

Chocolate and egg. Gluten Free.


White wine Viña Pomal – D.O.C RiojaRed wine Viña Pomal Crianza – D.O.C RiojaSoft drinks, beer and mineral water



Homemade txistorra croquettes

Russian salad Etxanobe style

Our grilled cod omelette

Black pudding and pear brick with Zalla red onion gel

Dry aged Frisona beef meat, dry aged for 60 days(+- 400 gr. per person)

Roasted red peppersFries

Idiazabal cheese cake with raspberry quenel


White Azpilicueta – D.O. RiojaRed Azpilicueta – D.O.C RiojaSoft drinks, beer and mineral water



Scallops and smoked bacon broth

We use Atlantic ocean scallop and serve them with a bacon and codium sea weed gel.

Etxanobe antxoen lasagna

In the base, tomato emulsion, nonsense pasta, cream cheese, marinated anchovy, Finish with emulsion of grated piquillo and a few drops of parsley oil.

Wild mushroom and quail rice

“Begihaundi” squid, cannelloni, squid´s ink and piquillo peppers and prawn powder. We stew the squid with vegetable, strain the broth and grind it all. Wth the broth we make a velouté. The cannelloni dough we fill it with wonton.

Sea Bass and spinach

Sea Bass, potato and fried spinach. We use wild sea bass from the Cantabrian sea.

Sirloin with its own truffle broth.

Sirloin, broth and red pepper. We use a frisona beef sirloin, dry aged for 60 days. We give to it charcoal aromas and finish it with truffled oil.

Desser: Chocolate and Tonka Bean Biscuit

A white chocolate mousse and whipped cream, infused with tonak bean. The tonka bean is a brasilian tree seed with clove, vanilla and cinnamon aromas.


Red wine Finca Resalso – D.O. Ribera del DueroWhite wine Marqués de Riscal – D.O. RuedaSoft drinks, beer and mineral water



VAT included